JCAHO Notification

Complaints, Incidents and Injuries

Should you have any complaints about a traveler please contact your assigned account manager immediately. If your account manager is unable to address and resolve the situation please contact the Director of Operations. AMPS also has a Clinical Supervisor that will be made available to counsel the traveler and speak to clients about clinical matters, if needed.

It shall be the responsibility of the Client to notify AMPS within 24 hours of the event; any competency issues, incidents, and/or complaints related to the Employee and/or AMPS. Client agrees to initiate communication with AMPS whenever an incident/injury report related to the Employee is completed. Upon notification, AMPS shall document and track all unexpected incidents, including errors, sentinel events and other events, injuries and safety hazards related to the care and services provided.

Any individual or organization that has a concern about the quality and safety of patient care delivered by AMPS healthcare professionals, which has not been addressed by AMPS management, is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission at addresscomplaint@jointcommission.org or by calling the Office of Quality Monitoring at 800.994.6610. Florida HCSP License No. 5